Welcome to Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd Digital Account Opening Form. If you are already maintaining a trading account with Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd then, please contact Customer Support at support@rafionline.com or 021-111-159-111. For those individuals who have not previously opened account in the capital markets , please continue to complete the Digital Form and if you face any problems, please contact Customer Support for any query.


1. Click "Register Now" and enter your basic details like "Name, E-mail ID, CNIC, Mobile no & IBAN no. Also upload a picture of your CNIC and Cheque (blank). After clicking "Create Account", you'll be registered and receive an email with password.

2. Login again with the provided password to process your OTP code.

3. You will receive your OTP from National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited. (NCCPL ) within 48 hours via SMS from 9646.

4. Once you receive OTP, you will have to insert the OTP in this portal by logging in again with the previous password

5. Then you may fill the remaining KYC form and upload documents like Source of Income (Payslip) , Proof of Address (Bill/CNIC) & Nominee's CNIC.

Required Documents

The following documents are required to open your account :

and/or passport

Salary Slip or
Business Details

Proof of mailing/
permanent address

Proof of IBAN