Commission Structure & Charges Details

Commission Structure: Rs 0.03 per share or 0.15% of the transaction value, whichever is higher (Minimum Commission by SECP).

Taxes & Charges

Sindh Sales Tax (SST): 13% of Commission
Dividend Tax: Non-Filer = 30% & Filer = 15% (If Applicable)
Capital Gain Tax: Non-Filer = 30% and filer 15% (Click "NCCPL"for details)

CDC Charges

CDC SUB-ACCOUNT Charges: Rs 400 Annually
CDC handling: Rs 0.004 per share on delivery sale/purchase
CDC charges for transfer of physical shares to CDC: Rs 0.30 per share (If Applicable)
CDC shares transfer charges (inward/outwards): Rs. 0.004 per share (If Applicable)
CDC Investor Account Charges: Rs 1,000 Annually (If Applicable)

Fixed Annual CGT Fee for local investors according to values of trades and
transactions used for computation and determination of CGT as follows:
Filer Non-Filer
A - Traded values less than Rs.100, 000. 0 0
B - Traded values from Rs. 100,000 and less than Rs. 5 Million. 240 240
C - Traded values from Rs. 5 Million and less than Rs. 10 Million. 360 360
D - Traded values from Rs. 10 Million and less than Rs. 50 Million. 600 600
E - Traded values from Rs. 50 Million and less than Rs. 100 Million. 18,00 18,00
F - Traded values from Rs. 100 Million and less than Rs. 500 Million. 5,000 5,000
G - Traded values from Rs. 500 Million and less than Rs. 1 Billion. 20,000 20,000
H - Traded values from Rs. 1 Billion and less than Rs. 5 Billion. 30,000 30,000
I - Traded values Rs. 5 Billion and above. 50,000 50,000

Conditions for Capital Gain Tax CGT Rate: Filer CGT Rate: Non-Filer
Where the security was acquired before 1st July, 2013 0% 0%
Securities Acquired before July 1, 2016. Where holding period of a security is twenty-four months or more but the security was acquired on or after 1st July, 2013 7.5% 15%
Securities Acquired on or after July 1, 2016 15% 30%
Cash settled derivatives traded on Stock Exchange 5% 10%


  • A minimum of Rs 5,000/- has to be maintained at all times to keep the account active, which can be in the form of Cash, Shares or combination of both.
  • The Day Trade Commission would be charged on ONE side ONLY.
  • NCCPL UIN Charges are Rs 200 Annually.
  • Trading Account Maintenance Charges are Rs 1,000 Annually.
  • Statements and ledgers are e-mailed every day.
  • ODD LOT trade charges would be Rs. 5/- per trade by NCCPL.
  • Capital Gain Tax is calculated based on the profit (Capital gain) from dealing in shares which is computed on the basis of FIFO (First in First Out) method.The amount calculated is
          according to NCCPL methodology which is available on "NCCPL" website or you can contact NCCPL Customer Support Helpdesk at 0800-23275.