According to this fund model, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Ltd will directly collect funds from the clients as well as directly transfer the withdrawals into their bank accounts WITHOUT the involvement of a BROKER.

The Client will deposit funds in the following method through online banking (IBFT) or Cheque:

1) Login to your PMEX Back office:
2) Go to “Profile Management” --> "Profile".
3) Note down your SC Account number (New Bank Account Details of PMEX - MCB)
4) Add these Bank Details as your Beneficiary in case of Online transfer for future purpose.
5) Your deposit will be automatically updated within 30 minutes – 2 hours.

To better understand ADFM, customers are advised to view the following video tutorials:

a. Funds Deposit Process OTC: click here!
b. Funds Deposit Process Online: click here!
c. Funds Withdrawal Process: click here!


  • Following bank charges are applicable on each transaction:
    1.   PKR 25 + Tax on every transaction
    2.   PKR 50 + Tax on returned instruments
  • Following bank charges will be recovered from the customer’s approved withdrawal amount and the remaining amount will be transferred to the client’s designated bank account:
    1.   For IFT (MCB to MCB): No Charges
    2.   For IBFT (other banks to MCB) - (PKR 1 to PKR 100,000): PKR 25 + Tax
    3.   For IBFT (other banks to MCB) - (PKR 100,001 and above): PKR 45 + Tax
  • PKR 1,000 will be annual charges.
  • NCCPL KYC charges will be passed on the client (if any).
  • Cash and third-party deposits are strictly prohibited. In such a case, the Exchange reserves the right to impose any penalty in a manner as deemed fit.